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Amendment 7 Again Upheld by the Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court today again upheld the power of Amendment 7, the patient's right to know law in Florida.  Hospitals have continued, in disregard of the constitutional amendment, to refuse discovery of so-called peer review materials where they internally criticize and penalize substandard care. When they get sued for the very care they have already criticized and discplined, they turn around and deny the substandard natue of the care and refuse the right of the patient to see the internal peer review findings.

Good story in today's DBR on the Med Mal Caps Challenge in Florida's Supreme Court

Good article in today's Daily Business Review regarding the constitutional challenge to Florida's 2003 Medical Malpractice damage caps.  This law is a vestige of the Bush era political war to decimate our tort laws, decimate trial practice in our state, and immunize big business, big insurance, hospitals, doctors, and moneyed interests from legal accountability.  The law strips the rights of the most egregiously injured Floridians, those with large damage claims and catastrophic injuries or death.  What kind of politican seeks that kind of outcome?